Forex affiliate programs is a guide that intends on bringing you information about the best forex affiliate programs to work with and promote offering the best tools, commissions and overall offerings. Forex has become increasingly popular and as a result there's a lot more in way of opportunities. Knowing which opportunities are better then others will lead to higher conversions, revenue and overall experience for your users.

We intend on launching our forex affiliate programs website relatively shortly with reviews of these programs we'd like to recommend to our visitors.

Please be sure to check back with us from time to time as we should be live with our site relatively soon.

In the mean time if you're looking to get started in promoting forex affiliate programs below we've put together a few top programs in which to get started with. So far working with the below affiliate programs has been great. They've been accommodating, provide a variety of marketing material, seemingly reliable tracking and statistics information and good customer support. There are a few affiliate programs for forex marketers we "DO NOT" recommend these can be found listed here. The ones we do not recommend are affiliate programs that were either rude or not interested in working with newcomers to the industry, required an excessive amount of due diligence (everything but a DNA sample virtually) or just didn't stack up as far as marketing/promotional materials tracking and other aspects that make an affiliate program great.

The Best Forex Affiliate Programs for Forex Marketers:

XM Partners - Commissions: $10 Per Lot + 10% on Second Teir

XE is the brand that's promoted though the XE Partners marketing program. So far working with this company has been an absolute pleasure. They're an FX broker that's relatively new to the space, however have gained a reputation of being one of the best most reliable and reputable in the industry rather quick. Their back office is rock solid as it their creative selection and request to the affiliate program are handled efficiently.

Forex Affiliate & IB (Introducing Broker) Programs we DO NOT Recommend to Forex Marketers:

Note: It's possible that things have changed with these programs since we tried registering and working with them, however it's also possible that they have not so use your own discretion as this is merely our opinion.

  • Dukascopy Bank -
  • FX Open -
  • XForex -
  • City Credit Capital -
  • Liquid Markets -
  • AC Markets -
  • ForexTime
  • Think Forex

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